Modular Curved V Race

Modular Curved 'V' Race

Modular Curved ‘V’ Race with Air Operated Slide Gates


  • Manual V Slide Gate

    Manual V Slide Gate

    Built for high volume use

  • Saves time and money with quick handling, less labour and bruising
  • Handles various size cattle through adjustible sides
  • Saleable asset
  • Pins together within 1 hour on site

Standard features

  • Multiple station operation with air operated slide gates
  • GAL Sheeting
  • Adjustable race width (5 positions)
  • Swing sides (fallen animals easy to move)
  • 350 and 450 grade galvanised SHS
  • 5.5m Radius
  • Meets work place health and safety requirements

Options (variation in cost)

  • Add or subtract modules to increase/decrease arc. Eg. half circle (eight modules)
  • Straight ‘V’ race with or without platforms
  • Sheet inside, outside, both or neither
  • Air Operated V Slide Gate with Dual Door Operation

    Air Operated V Slide Gate with
    Dual Door Operation

    Manual slide gates
  • Dual or single door air operated slide gate
  • Left or right hand
  • With or without walkway platform

Air Components

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Availability of spare parts world wide
  • Low volume of air required
  • Only use non-corrosive material(stainless/aluminium)
  • Standard cylinders have end stop dampening with speed controls
V Race with Walkway

V Race with Walkway