Ray Finger “Nimboy” – Cooladdi

Hi Adrian,

Please find enclosed a home video of family drafting cleanskin cattle that have been on this place for many years and have never been in yards. The last section of the video I had to censor – as we had a lot of trouble loading 10 head.

By that day, they did not want to work in the yards – but we feel your panels held up extremely well under the circumstances. Photo enclosed on panel was where the bullock (560kg) had 3 goes at jumping and sat on the bar twice.

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Steve and Min Taylor “Windulka” Yetman

We visited Farmfest in 2003 soley for the purpose of finding portable yard for our new cattle bock. Deweld was our final choice after a day of studying panels and yard designs. We found them to be particularly helpful in designing our ideal yards from our plan we had from our home block that worked perfectly.

The Deweld crew was thorough, precise, patient and prompt. Lastly we found Deweld very competitively priced. Quality without the prohibitive prices! We are extremely pleased with our choice.

Andrew Iwers “Croydon Hills” Springsure

Deweld Team,

We have purchased almost 100 Deweld ultimate panels in the last 18 months. We have found them to be far superior to others previously used. Not only are they extremely light weight and easy to handle, but extremely strong and reliable.

We recently had a very wild mickey bull in the yards that had never been yarded before. As you can imagine, he became very agitated and began to try to jump over, through and under the panels, with out any success.

After this, the panels still stood without any damage.